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    What I want to argue is that, whilst we may well be over Zidanes in this day and age, the two players we look at as their equivalents are simply the http://www.steelworld.com/nflcheapjerseys.aspx - http://www.steelworld.com/nflcheapjerseys.aspx wrong choices. By producing this list, my aim is to acknowledge the most talented players in the world fairly, both by considering them in http://www.steelworld.com/index2.aspx - steelers jerseys cheap the light of their peers and by judging them in the context of a football world which requires players to be more complete than ever before.
    How good would this player perform in a totally different context? Would Hulk's ferocious pace and power be nullified by the Premier League”s physical style and high tempo compared with Portugal? Would Miroslav Klose thrive in Serie A? Why is Frank Lampard's international record so mediocre considering his phenomenal exploits in the Premiership?
    Rather than asking what players ‘do', which inevitably leads us into the trap of asking what their goals and assists stats look like, we should ask what they don't do, and what they can't do that others can. In this way, we can compare the headline-grabbers with the players who lay the foundations to make their work possible.

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